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Learn CodeIgniter from Scratch by Building a Project (001 - Setting Up CodeIgniter)

Ok first things first, Just a little introduction, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework which makes the life of developers much easier by handling many important but tedious tasks automatically, tasks like protecting the input from mySql injections, CSRF attacks and more, the framework is also very helpful when it comes to handling databases. This is perfect framework for any PHP developer who want to jump into the world of PHP Framworks. Thais all for the introduction.

Now let us download the CodeIgniter Framework and run the application. Lets start by visiting the official download page of CodeIgniter. You probably see image like the one below


First of all we will be using CodeIgniter 3 for this tutorial, because as you can see in the CodeIgniter4 box it is clearly mentioned that the "Development is underway" which basically means that it is not ready to be used for commercial projects, rather its just a beta release which is out to be tested and improved. The words "intended for use with PHP7.2", some people thought that CodeIgniter 3 cannot be used with PHP 7.2, which is not correct CodeIgniter is for 5.6+ means any version above 5.6 which includes 7.2 !.

Enough of the talking, just click on the download link, choose a place to save it whether its your local environment or a remote server. After the file is being downloaded, extract the contents in a new folder / directory and called it what ever you like, I will name it cifs (short of CodeIgniter From Scratch). The directory structure should look like this :

Now fire-up your favorite browser and point it to that directory in my case cifs. If you did everything correctly you will see the welcome page like the one below :

Congratulations, you have successfully setup the CodeIgniter environment and ready to build awesome web applications.

That is all for this section. In the next section we will be looking at what is MVC (Model - View - Controller) and how easy it is to use. See you than.

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Iftikhar is a full stack developer with a passion of data mining, bot making and ethical hacking. He is working as a project manager at mazoon software company located in oman.

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